About Cedar Ridge

Cedar Ridge is the most recent brand addition for ALPS. For those of you familiar with our other 3 brands (ALPS Mountaineering for backpacking and camping, ALPS OutdoorZ for camo packs and furniture, and Browning Camping for the "hunting camper"), you know our focus is on providing products that are extremely durable, comfortable, but still affordable. With these 3 original brands, we've carved out a niche with products that offer great consumer designs that are made with the very best materials and construction methods, which allow them to perform at the same high level as the best products on the market. The special magic of these 3 brands is that we can offer "top-of-the-line" performance, but still at very affordable, mid-range prices. We created the Cedar Ridge line to help you save even more money for your camping budget. By still choosing popular designs made with good materials, we're able to offer prices that are lower than what we offer with our other 3 brands. As with most other sports and activities, few consumers start out with the best gear they can purchase. In golf, it's fairly common to start playing with a "starter set" of clubs, and then as your interest and amount of time playing increases, you step up to better, more expensive clubs. Cedar Ridge can offer you your "starter set" of camping gear, with an easy to use tent, a warm sleeping bag, and a comfortable chair. We understand not everyone takes their first camping trip to a National Park for a week-long stay. We also know a lot of "camping" starts with tents in the backyard and kids attending sleep-overs at their friends house, making it unnecessary to pick outfitter quality gear for these purposes. At ALPS, our goal is to make all of your outdoor activities enjoyable and hopefully our Cedar Ridge line will allow more of you to experience the joys of camping under the stars. Then after having a good time, maybe you'll agree you'd like to do it more often and will be ready to invest and upgrade your gear to some of the items offered by our other brands, ALPS Mountaineering, ALPS OutdoorZ, Browning Camping and Sports Afield Packs.